CH. Crystalton Cassanova


Cassie is now a new Champion and resides with his co-owner Cathleen McGhee in Calgary. He will be seen often with Cathleen in the junior handling ring.

Can.Biss.Ch. Crystalton Too Cute Am.Can.Ch. Chriscendo Classico Am.Can.Bis.Ch. Chriscendo Centre Stage Am.Can.Bis.Ch. Chriscendo Calvin Klein, ROM
Can.Ch. Razzle Dazzle Classique
Am.Can.Bis.Ch. Chriscendo Classica, TT Am.Ch. Great Elms Firestarter
Am.Ch.Chriscendo Classique
Can.Bis.Ch. Crystalton Alisa Am.Ch. Southland's N' Bev-Nors Tar-Baby Am.Ch. Southland's Toasted Fudge, ROMX
Bev-Nor's N Southland Poasty
Can.Ch. Kathe's Impy Jolly Icon Bavanew's Band Leader
Can.Ch. Cimawill's Flash-Em-Lil-Peepers
Can.Ch. Crystalton's Brazilian Nutmeg Am.Can.Ch. Pomhaven's Tommy Hilfiger Can.Ch. Chikai West Side Story Sorve Can.Ch. Foxworth Frontier Spirit
Chikai Dancing Doll
Pomhaven's Sweet Nutmeg Can.Ch. Cheyenne's Timstopper's Buddy
Can.Ch. Pomhaven's Pretty Lil Rain Drop
Can.Ch. Crystalton Valcopy Pretty Cute Can.Biss.Ch. Crystalton Too Cute Am.Can.Ch. Chriscendo Classico
Can.Bis.Ch. Crystalton Alisa
Valcopy-Wakhan Cleopatra Am.Ch. Valcopy-Wakhan Batman
Valcopy-Wakhan Savanna

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