MBIS Am/Can.Ch. Crystalton's Peanut


whelped March 27, 2005

Red Sable

With limited showing Peanut achieved number 2 Pomeranian in Canada in 2006, Number 1 Pomeranian in 2007. Number 3 Pomeranian in 2008. Number 1 Pomeranian in 2009 and Number 10 Toy Dog.

He is now retired and standing at stud.

Am.Can.Ch.Pomhaven's Tommy Hilfiger Can.Ch.Chikai West Side Sorve Can.Ch.Foxworth Frontier Spirit Am.Ch.Ozarks Spirit of the Oakridge
Foxworth First Class
Chikai Dancing Doll Chikai Super Dry
Cheyennes Twinkling Buttercup
Pomhaven's Sweet Nutmeg Can.Ch.Cheyennes Timstopper's Buddy Am.Can.Ch.Wee Prince of Lenette
Can.Ch.Cheyennes Shimmering Lights
Can.Ch.Pomhaven's Pretty Lil Rain Drop Can.Ch.Pomhaven's Diamond Marquis
Can.Ch. Pomhaven's April Showers
Can.Ch.Crystalton Valcopy Pretty Cute Am/ Can.Ch. Crystalton Too Cute Am.Can.Ch.Chriscendo Classico Am.Can.Ch.Chriscendo Centre Stage
Am.Can.Ch.Chriscendo Classica, TT
BIS Can.Ch.Crystalton Alisa Am.Ch.Southland 'N Bev-Nor's Tar-Baby
Can.Ch. Kathe's Impy Jolly Icon
Valcopy Wakhan Cleopatra Am.Ch.Valcopy Wakhan Batman Am.Ch.Valcopy Wakhan Valentino
Am.Ch.Valcopy Wakhan To Die For
Valcopy-Wakhan Savanna Am.Ch.Lovely Jessie Sais So
Valcopy Schiaparelli

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