Our Males

MBIS/MBISS Can/Am.Ch. Averina's Precocious Pete

MBIS/MBISS Can/Am.Ch. Averina's David Difiabon

MBIS Can.Am.Ch. Acajun News Flash

Ch. Averina's Jacks Are Wild

Ch. Tees Crystalton Copyright

Ch. Telescombe's Back to Crystalton

Can.Am.Ch. Crystalton Christopher

Ch. Crystalton MG

MBIS Can.Ch. Averina Bodicea Crystalton

Ch. Crystalton Lucas

Multi BIS Can.Gr.Ch. Am.Ch. Crystalton Suspence

Can.GCh. Chikoda Mystery

Ch.Crystalton Fifty Shades

Ch. Crystalton Tees Chikoda NCIS

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